Fostering Growth of the Denver Artistic Community

Fearless Theatre

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To foster the growth of the Denver artistic community through the multi-media production of a wide variety of shows, designed to stimulate both theatre veterans and those new to the theatre.

A Brand New Theatre Company, with Co-Founders Evert, Nielson and Eddy, based in Denver, Colorado

"Whether it’s an original work or one of the most famous plays of all-time, we just always want to be exciting people, and challenging them, and challenging ourselves,”  

“We have a voice that needs to be heard…right now a lot of theater feels very separate from the entire arts world, and we wanted to create a community.” 

“People ask me ‘what do you do nowadays?’ Well, I started a theatre company. ‘Oh what’s it called?’ Fearless Theatre. ‘What’s your first show?’ Romeo & Juliet. ‘How are you going to make that fearless?’ I want people to ask that with each of our shows—how are you going to make that Fearless?